10 Dec 2020

Why Sri Lanka is my all-time favourite Incentive Destination?

You may have deathless suggestions for highly recommended Incentive destinations but stumbling upon this little Island Nation, Sri Lanka will leave you with no choice anymore! Nestled in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka has such a diverse landscape from arid plains, highlands, rainforests, and sandy beaches. Unfortunately, for many years, this country has borne the brunt of political unrest, and the periods of civil war, leaving it a risky option for the events and the incentive industry. Luckily, the time has changed now to a leading destination for all-time favourite experiential events and a preferred incentive location for the countless multination travel companies. Every time I land upon this so called the pearl of the Indian Ocean; excitement comes within!

Being a part of the Incentive team at Distinct Destinations, I am fortunate enough to be well-travelled, crossing the globe looking for hidden gems to share with our clients. Scaling the Island nation across its length and breadth, I still reminisce the jaw-dropping views, awe-inspiring experiences, and best accommodation solutions, leaving you feeling inspired to travel to Sri Lanka.

My experience and feedback deliver undeniable proof that Sri Lanka is a jewel to be treasured in the world of incentive travel. As a country, this island paradise has so much to offer allowing year-round travel. Blue topaz waters and unspoilt beaches make for spellbinding views ticking the box of desert island paradise, providing rest and relaxation. Venture just a few miles from the coastline and you will uncover deep forests, home to a host of wildlife including monkeys, elephants, and leopards ideal for safari adventures and off-road adrenaline rides.

With an archived history of over two thousand years and influences from East Asia, the Middle East, the Dutch, Portuguese and the British, it is a veritable hotpot of cultural delights. Boasting of 6 UNESCO World Heritage site, there is so much to be seen. Including Dambulla Caves, the ruins Anuradhapura and Sigiriya Rock Fortress, the only problem you will have is fitting everything into one experience.

Experiences and activities in Sri Lanka offer "once in a lifetime" opportunity. From something as straightforward as beach cricket with local people, or a select visit to a coconut ranch, directly through a personal luxury plane visit or recruit of a conventional steam engine train to cross the island as you sample Sri Lankan delights. This country is an astounding destination that genuinely has something that everybody can appreciate.

I welcome you to experience the warmth of Sri Lankan hospitality in this Resplendent Island. Sri Lanka never bids her visitors goodbye but invites her guests to return – again and again. ‘Ayubowan’ which means ‘May You Live Long’ fits perfect as the customary greeting of the Sri Lankans. Ayubowan to all the readers out there!

Devika Grover

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