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Our Story

We are a Destination Management Company and since our inception, we have been passionately working towards providing immersive and inspiring travel experiences to our travelers in the Indian Subcontinent. For the Distinct team, it is more than just traversing, we believe in local integration, stepping in to ensure a trip becomes a memory and are vigilant about our do`s and don’ts.

Our Distinct vision is to grow a well-diversified business portfolio, creating new trends, being innovative, whilst being committed to sustainable and responsible travel. Our core value is to offer Distinct services of exceptional standards. Our team of professionals are always connected to our customers and partners to provide round the clock seamless assistance.

Headquartered in Gurgaon India, we have an extensive local presence with 18 offices across India and have dedicated market specialist offices in Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka. We also have a global presence with dedicated international sales network .

Values and Mission

Trust and reliability lay at the core of our business relationships. With a strong network of established travel partners, combined with a deep understanding of the region, Distinct Destinations has carved itself a niche by curating Distinct travel experiences designed for each individual client.

Our mission is to be a trusted organisation for all our business partners and resellers of destination services. We understand the need and mindset of today`s travellers, that puts us in the front for fabricating the ideal escapade. Our moto is to deliver with ardour and work with exuberance while sharing the same with our business partners and their clients.

We are a Reliable, Passionate, Authentic and Sustainable Partner that works towards simplifying the complexity of the destinations for all travellers.

Why Distinct Destinations

It is not just about where we take you, it is about how we do!

From the first concept to the final debriefing, from the best guide panel delivering authentic and highly creative destination experiences to obtaining preferred rates, we are your Distinct guide on each and every step of the planning.

And finally…the Distinct Destinations Team !

Our core strength is our passionate team. Our colleagues understand that travellers today are seeking deeper meaning in what they do and how they explore the many facets of the world, so with us your expectations are heard and fulfilled. We believe in innovation and differentiation to offer you an advantage over your competition.

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