10 Aug 2020

Travelling by train to Sri Lanka’s tea country

Sitting comfortably in my bucket-list was this pearl like country, Sri Lanka. Floating cosily in the Indian Ocean, this Lilliputian country has had my heart for a very long time. The golden beaches, the exotic wildlife and the heavily creamed coconuts were the allures that called out to me, but the real charmer that had a magnetic pull to me and that made me pack my bags was being on a train journey in this majestic island!

I was ready to relish the views of sparkling waterfalls amidst lush green tea-plantations and so I hopped onto the express train from Kandy, for my three hours mystic journey to Hatton. From the viewing carriage I witnessed this scenic beauty unfold! The rising lush mountains, the misty fluffy clouds through which I could move my fingers, the fresh winds wrapped in the scent of tea tossed my hair and it felt like nature was welcoming me to my blissful destination.

I got off at Hatton and began my road journey to Norwood Bungalow with a very interesting guide. As soon as I came out of my car, I felt I had stepped foot in the colonial era! The view, the colonial architecture, the splendour of that bygone era, everything my eyes saw was regal, charming, and authentically colonial.

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