17 Sep 2020

The Best train journeys in Sri Lanka

Home to a number of train journeys, Sri Lanka is the goddess of breath-taking train rides. The sights are spectacular on both ends of the train when it passes through the canyons and overlooks farmland, valleys and large fruit orchards and tea plantations of course. Throughout the journey the scenery constantly changes keeping the traveller curious on what might come next! One moment there is a whole green view and then the next moment one is in the centre of a woodland wilderness. Each route of a train journey in Sri Lanka cherishes all facets of Mother Nature. Choosing a single favourite is tough because each has a piece of our hearts!

Once we began our Colombo – Kandy journey, we had no idea that we would stumble upon a little heaven on Earth. We moved past palm trees waving like monster hands, fragrant slopes, and petit train stations. As you traverse up the hill, you will feel the wind become a little chilly making you shudder softly. At the end of this our heart was filled with joy and extreme esteem for the glory of nature.

If you think that the ride to Kandy was mesmeric, then let us warm you up for the most scenic train journey - Kandy – Ella. We can vouch for the fact that what your eyes witness has been neatly and diligently placed on earth by God’s own hands. Let the breeze pick up strands of your hair and dance around your face while you calmly close your eyes, take deep breaths and smile.

From the clamour at the Colombo train station to the ‘back-in-time’ aura of Galle, a train ride from Colombo – Galle is a whole platter of emotions, views, adventures, and utmost delight. Toss away your fears and bathe in the refreshing wind by standing at the open doors while a plethora of emerald green plantations slide through your eyes and enjoy the fresh crisp air mixed with saltwater smell the whole way down the coast.

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