20 Jul 2020

Stilt Fishermen of Sri Lanka

I am beguiled by people who fish with fishing rods from shores or boats, so watching these extensively skilful stilt fisherman fishing while sticking on a vertical pole in the middle of the sea, was unreal for me.

Stilt fishing is an age-old art of fishing which came into being just after World War II in Sri Lanka. I went to Mirissa Beach to see for myself how these superhumans have been doing it since years now. Watching them perched comfortably on the pole, catching fishes like it is no big deal, makes the process look extremely easy which it is not.

I luckily got to catch a few words from one of the stilt fishermen, who told me how their whole balance depends on the strength of their core body. I was tired by simply looking at them do this crucial job, but they carry a wide smile all throughout!

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