17 Dec 2020

Sri Lanka - Top 05 worth traveling cities not to be missed!

There must be some distinctive about Sri Lanka being so popular amongst the globetrotters seducing them for centuries! If you are really looking forward to a life-changing experience, then go get on a plane and feel blessed with the finest beauty of this island nation. For sure, there is too much to be missed, here I bring 05 worth traveling cities to etch this gem of the Indian Ocean in your heart before you leave back home.

01 - Kandy:

Home to the mystic hills with the passing by epic blue insta-famous train carriages, meandering rivulets running through the tea-carpeted hills, and host to a myriad of undisputed religious and cultural sites especially the most sacred Buddhist temples in the world, the Temple of the Tooth - is the city of Kings, the Kandy!

02 - Galle:

Abode to a unique Dutch architecture especially the Dutch-era villas with the delightful sea-side views when strolling down the streets of Galle, the Galle Lighthouse – a photographer’s delight being nestled within the strong walls of the ancient Galle Fort, the sacred temples especially the get-lucky Seenigama temple, stunning churches and lastly the pristine beach – Galle will make you fall in love!

03 - Nuwara Eliya:

The colonial-era bungalows with a pinch of British-country village often referred to as “Little England”, a getaway haven for the cool-climate lovers, the verdant tea plantations engulfed around the countryside, a perfect oasis for a round of golf, soak-up the Nuwara Eliya’s peculiar bygone heritage of wonder!

04 – Sigiriya:

Perhaps, if have to rate a single most dramatic sight of Sri Lanka, it will definitely be Sigiriya. Vertical walls rising stunningly from the vast plain to a flat-summit is an abode to the ruins of an ancient civilization. Mesmerizing panoramic vistas across the mist-draped forests is the perfect paradise for the shutterbugs. Scaling to Sigiriya Rock will take around 1,200 staircases attached to sheer walls. But once you are on the top, every step is worth of remarkable surrounding landscape.

05 – Unawatuna:

The coastal town of Unawatuna is the perfect retreat for the budget-traveler! A paradise for sun worshippers, palm-lined beaches, turquoise water, and diverse coral makes it a paradise for underwater adventures. Get your sunset drinks and soak up the exquisiteness of the place!

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