01 Dec 2021

Kid-friendly activities in Nepal and Sri Lanka

Keeping children entertained can, for many families, be quite a challenge–given the fact that the attention span of kids can be pretty mercurial. So planning a holiday with kids is something not everyone relishes. But that doesn’t necessarily need be so. When choosing your destination to travel how about looking out for some child-friendly activities which will keep them engaged and even turn out to be a joyful unforgettable experience for everyone.


Engaging with Elephants

A day spent with elephants in protected environs offers a fabulous experience of harmony with nature. Kids will love even getting up very early in the morning to join the elephants on a jungle walk to the grass-lands, where the mahouts cut and collect the grass for the elephants to eat during the day. It is sure to pique their curiosity in countless ways. How much do they eat? Where do they sleep? Who takes care of them? On the way, the naturalist will show and tell them about wildlife and vegetation as they lead them through jungle, grassland, and wetland areas with the elephants. This walk is aimed helping visitors discover the world of these domesticated beasts, basically which have been put to pasture, as they go about their daily routines handled by their mahouts.

It’s also a great way to get kids involved in an ethical experience interacting with these gentle giants, when they learn not to tease or trouble them in any way. This walk is aimed helping you discover the world of these domesticated beasts, basically which have been put to pasture, as they go about their daily routines handled by their mahouts. He will alert the kids to the ways of the jungle helping them look for pugmarks of a tiger, or spotting deer or various species of birds. Another beautiful afternoon one can follow the elephants to the Narayani River, where they go to cool down and to drink. While dipping one’s feet in the river one can enjoy watching the mahouts scrub the elephants, watch the behemoths at play in the water. After dinner and a relaxing evening, the kids can follow the mahouts around the corrals where the elephants sleep. Having spent lovely day with the elephants the kids will have understood that need to be very quiet, so as not to disturb them. On the walk with the naturalist they would have learnt that elephants used to play a very important role in Nepal’s culture, whether it was for ceremonial purposes, work or transport. But now there is a greater awareness for a more sustainable eco-friendly connection with these behemoths and one must learn to respect them for that.

Sri Lanka

Creative Kids

An art class near Galle Fort turns out be a perfect way for the adults to take a break while giving their kids a chance to have a fun time with their creativity and other kids. The great thing is that the class is led by hosts with excellent experiences of working with young children ‘Creative Kids’, a tailor-made experience for kids to inspire creativity and imagination is fun for holidaying children , the class is held in proximity to Galle Fort's majestic ramparts at the home of a local school teacher place in a cool shaded area on a woven mat. Provisions are made for all arts and crafts material. The class is open to kids aged four and above.

Increasingly leisure destinations are offering activities for kids to find their own space in creativity and letting loose their imagination with inspiring surroundings–which is a great boon for parents. Next time you are making holiday plans find out more about such offers. Both you and your kids will love it!

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