22 Aug 2022

Galle: A walk through its best shopping streets

Lined with graceful shops inside the Portuguese decorated Forts, fancy boutiques snuggled in the quaint streets and petite stalls selling beautiful souvenirs, Galle displays the finest handicrafts, jewellery, and clothing fabrics of Sri Lanka. Shopping in this city is eyeing old, restored houses which now are elegant shops and bagging some exquisite pieces.

Pedlar Street

Dotted with an array of boutiques, art galleries, spice and gem stores, and handicrafts Pedlar Street is the perfect place to shop and adore the beauty left by the Portuguese. This street showcases a seamless mix of modern sensibilities with local aesthetic that makes this a must visit. Thinking of buying traditional Sri Lankan crafts and artifacts, at affordable prices then Pedlar Street is your one stop destination.

Galle Fort

Adorned with the twinkling sound of chunk jewellery, intricately created handicrafts and an enchanting aroma coming from the lane of restaurants, Galle Fort invites each traveller to stop by and glance through the incredible collection of things it has to offer. From a number of amazing avenues within the Fort to a lot outside, shops here sell souvenirs, home decor and many eye-catching ornaments.

Dutch Market

Probably the oldest market in Galle, the Dutch Market has been buzzing with stalls selling the freshest local produce for over 300 years now. Apart from fresh local fruits, this market shines with gems and jewellery which is a must buy here!

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