25 Oct 2021

Eco Travel in Sri Lanka

Sustainable travel can be lots of fun and a super learning experience for the traveller. At the same time, choices such as these are important for preserving the destination and keeping the local economy buoyant when the money from tourism activities goes to local communities. So it's a win-win situation for all the stakeholders.

The Secret Garden

Kandy is a haven of adventures in Nature’s grand theatre. A tour of a secret garden puts a nice edge to travel into a lush spice estate, especially if there's every chance of spotting some wildlife such as wild boar, macaque monkeys, barking deer and porcupines in this protected space. Wandering through swathes of fragrance giving cinnamon, pepper and vanilla plantations, you will be regaled by your host with anecdotes and stories about all these lovely spices and the property itself. Over a delicious organic lunch and plenty of gin and tonic. Abandon yourself to more stories and conversations about this beautiful estate, which welcomes visitors.

Knuckles Trek

The UNESCO-acclaimed natural World Heritage Site of the clenched fist-shaped mountain known as Knuckles offers a fabulous trekking experience. What makes this trek even more impressive is that the trail passes through a swathe of astonishing biodiversity. The place hosts more than 34 percent of endemic flora and fauna in Sri Lanka, with endemic birds, mammals and freshwater creatures in crystal clear water streams. Home to 40 hidden villages and a plethora of endemic wildlife, this part of Sri Lanka is valued by scientists and anthropologists alike, not only for its biodiversity but also for its native communities.

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