18 Sep 2020

Beyond Sightseeing, 9 of our favourite things to do in Sri Lanka

Train Ride in the mountains

The paradisiacal element of this experience is beyond praise! Home to a number of train journeys, Sri Lanka is the goddess of breath-taking train rides. The sights are spectacular on both ends of the train when it passes through the canyons and overlooks farmland, valleys and large fruit orchards and tea plantations of course. Throughout the journey the scenery constantly changes keeping the traveller curious on what might come next! One moment there is a whole green view and then the next moment one is in the centre of a woodland wilderness.

Street Food experience in Colombo

A proud parent to the most excellent spices in the world, Sri Lanka knows how to go about the culinary art. Colombo being the capital has mastered the technique of creating cuisines that leave one craving for more! The streets of Colombo are embellished with a strong aroma of mixed seasonings, handpicked masalas, an explosion of fresh coconuts and delicious meat. Colombo streets know how to soothe a palate!

Sundowner cocktails in Minneriya

Never think of Sri Lanka to be all vanilla with its pacifying beauty and rich legacy of class because as the sun sets in this coastal city, the fresh coconuts are replaced with fizzy cocktails! Heading over to Minneriya by the end of the day is a phenomenal thing to do! Lounging calmly under a moonlit sky with a refreshing glass of sweetness is what heaven feels like.

A hot air balloon ride over the Cultural triangle

Stepping foot in the huge glowing balloon during the wee hours of the day when clouds glow brightly over swamp forests and tassels of daylight groove on the Cultural Triangle, is an incredible experience that turns into a forever memory. Gently floating over the Cultural Triangle, with champagne in one hand and eyeing the mystic beauty - Sigiriya, Kandalama tank and the Golden Temple at Dambulla, is indeed dreamy.

Tea Plucking experience

From knotting the pluckers basket behind the back to learning their tricks of plucking the tea bud, everything on this experience has the truest Sri Lankan spirit attached to it. Known for its aromatic tea plantations, Sri Lanka offers its visitors to glance through the whole process and go back home with a bag of freshly processed tea grains!

Traditional Drumming experience

Hearing the incredible sound of the traditional drums is a pulse throbbing experience. A proud part of the Sri Lankan legacy, the drumming tradition along with the charming drummers with their headdresses is something that calls out to each visitor. The echo, the exhilaration, and the zest of this is second to none.

Trekking Knuckles and Waterfall Hunting

The Knuckles Mountain Range is said to be one of the most picturesque parts of this island of bliss. There are plenty of majestic waterfalls, concealed within the thick forests and rugged peaks that lay quietly in the comfort of the Knuckles range ready to be explored and visited.

The bush fire dinner at Leopard Trails Wilpattu

Graced with the sweetness of nightingale, blanketed under an ink-blue sky that gleams with twinkling stars and an aura of mysterious uncertainty that surrounds because of the jungle around, this is how having dinner in the bushes along a campfire feels like! Idyllic for the venturesome souls, it will be a night to remember.

Cycling through Anuradhapura

Pedalling around the city of Anuradhapura and perceiving the wonders of the age when this city cradled in the arms of the Kings. Slowing down, halting, and hopping off the cycle to feel the tarnished surface of the exquisite relics is how one can physically connect with the place.

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