04 Oct 2022

Best Boutique And Luxury Hotels In Galle

The antiquity of Galle and the appeal of its glamorous vintage style are perceived in each of its corner. The properties in this city might be surrounded with ramparts, but their interiors exhibit grandeur and the class of the bygone era. Furnished corridors, high-ceilings, fusion of majestic architectural styles and what not! Staying in Galle surely defines elegance for all.

Lighthouse Street - Galle

Embraced within traditional designs featuring high ceilings and contemporary touches, Lighthouse Street Galle is a well-preserved façade of arched doorways reminiscent of European architectural styles. It invites its guests to experience treasures from the past while luxuriating in one of the classically restored villas in Galle Fort.

Fifty Lighthouse Street

Nestled within the historic ramparts of an old, living fort and cobblestoned streets is the Fifty Lighthouse Street. Set in a refurbished, colonial building on Lighthouse Street this property is embellished with elegant decor and furnishings embraced in modernity and sophistication. With a secret garden paving way to the private suites, this luxury boutique villa in Galle Fort is breath-taking.

Galle Fort Hotel

A charming, friendly, award-winning, and affordable heritage boutique hotel in the heart of the Galle Fort world heritage site, this hotel is a perfect base for the best beaches, tea plantations, temples, rain forests and cultural attractions in southern Sri Lanka. The colonial charm, the graceful embellishments and the splendour of Sri Lankan heritage is good enough to make this stay a memory.

Rampart Street

Snuggled in the resplendent confines of the Galle Fort, Rampart Street is a testament to the colonial architecture that reverberates throughout the old town. Idyllically nestled on Rampart Street, with a view of the historic 17th century ramparts, this property is a great base to relish the lush gardens from the comfort of rooms while also admiring the eclectic grandeur of the old colonial architecture.

Seventy 7 at Leyn Baan

Idyllically nestled on a cobblestone alley dotted with boutique stores of souvenirs and tea, restaurants emanating an aromatic mix of exotic spices and museums preserving secrets from the past within its quiet walls, seventy 7 at Leyn Baan is one of the most private villas in Galle. From exploring the remnants of a bygone era within the ramparts, lounging in the elegant living room, or enjoying sundowners on the rooftop, this hotel gives one a holistic holiday in the 17th century Galle Fort.

Fort Bazaar Galle Fort

Positioned on Church Street within a UNESCO-listed 17th century fort, this spa hotel in Galle promises serenity, high-end service, and gourmet modern dining, and makes a very welcoming retreat from the bustling cobbled streets of Galle Fort. Adorned with 18 stylish guestrooms and contemporary interiors invoking a Middle Eastern vibe, this stay has the charm to refresh your soul.

Yara Galle Fort

Decorated with unparalleled elegance, exquisite architecture, and an experienced and passionate team, the Yara Galle Fort speaks a timeless tale of warmth and adventure. Dotted with luxurious handpicked comforts coupled with an array of premium complimentary amenities, Yara promises to create a sensual & unforgettable experience.

Le Grand Galle

Nestled in the heart of the crowning jewel of Sri Lanka’s colonial past, Le Grand Galle by Asia Leisure Hotels offers the majestic grandeur of a Galle hotel. It is the best example of an enchanting kingdom that exists beyond the pages of fairy tales.

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