02 Sep 2022

A Foodie’s guide to the best restaurants in Galle, Sri Lanka

The creamy texture of cinnamon, freshness of seafood, hot spices and tangy herbs, the platter of an authentic Sri Lankan meal consists of all of this and more. Fine-dines serving classy tastes and quirky cafes showcasing lively décor and youthful snacks, Galle has an array of all sorts of eateries ready to satisfy all tastebuds.

The Tuna & The Crab

The Tuna and The Crab brings the best of both Sri Lankan seafood and Japanese culinary traditions together in a platter and gives your taste buds a gala time. The restaurant is run by experts who know how to serve magic on a plate! From sauces made with home-grown ingredients and recipes that have survived eras to novel culinary techniques that bring out the finest flavours, a meal here is fulfilling.

Pedlars Inn

Serving deliciousness since the British-era, Pedlars Inn mirrors the spectacular ambiance of those times, thanks to the antique wagon at the entrance and the clean-cut decor heightened with mustard walls. Everything on the menu is delicious and one cannot miss the small gelato shop right across the road from the cafe with its vintage colourful cart and group of travellers having the time of their life!

A minute by tuk tuk

As quirky as the name sounds, the interiors and savours of this restaurant are zestful, eccentric and have a vibrant vibe. A minute by tuk tuk serves an awesome unobstructed view of the ocean that garnishes each meal with sea breeze. The menu here upholds the ambrosial Sri Lankan taste and also plate up some luscious western dishes.

The Heritage Cafe & Bistro

For the ones looking for buildings with history, unique deco and sunlit green courtyards, The Heritage Cafe & Bistro is the ultimate end to all search. Blending the beauty of art and the exclusivity of gastronomic delights, this eatery is a unique experience. The space of the cafe is filled with up-cycled artworks and an international menu that satisfies the taste buds of all guests.

Church Street Social

Designed with sophistication, sombre decor and the allure of its Arabic influencers, Church Street Social is a fancy yet classy fine-dine restaurant in Galle. The menu is inspired by Moroccan, Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisines and features tapas and platters to share. The building was earlier a colonial house that was refurbished into a boutique hotel which escalates the historicity attached with it.

Galley 52

The structuring, colour theme and flavours of Galley 52 are too good to be described in words. The sheer sight of this eatery cum coffee lounge is heart-pleasing with its wooden furnishing and creamish white interiors. Galley 52 incorporates fresh local ingredients with innovative fusion flavours and a range of cocktails along with evening tea and coffee, making itself a good visit for any time of the day.

Bombay Brasserie

The name of the restaurant hints towards what the menu inside has to offer, Bombay Brasserie is a blessing in disguise for the ones who want a bite of Bombay while in Sri Lanka. The restaurant presents a memorable experience, with its homely ambience and platter full of authentic Indian recipes. From the tangy street food and greasy main course to the crunchy and crumbly Indian sweets, it serves all.

The Old Railway Cafe

Embraced within the vintage ambiance, The Old Railway Cafe feels like sitting in a friends’ living room! The cafe has a plethora of magazines to read while sipping its famous ginger-tea or iced coffee. Embellished in a British way with wooden chairs, menu on the front on a blackboard and long windows for the sun to glance in, this cafe serves one of the most refreshing smoothies and a homely aura.

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