28 Feb 2021

2 Days In Colombo - Best Things To Do In 48 Hours

What can one do in Colombo in 48 hours? We say quite a lot. Colombo is dotted with many exciting activities that add the missing buzz to any day. No matter what you do, the experience would be awesome or beyond.

The city is like a heady cocktail that gives you a high – the really good kind. Take a tuk-tuk ride and discover its unique history and culture; enjoy the sumptuous delicacies and learn some recipes too, or just soak in the sun at any of the beaches while relishing a drink of your choice.

We bet these two days will feel like a trailer to a blockbuster experience. Be prepared to be enamoured and you will certainly yearn for an encore.

Tuk-Tuk all the way

The three-wheeled street ride is the best way to explore this lively city. There are ancient and modern temples, monasteries, churches and mosques for the spiritual traveller: remnants of the colonial, exotic structures from the pre-colonial era and modern masterpieces for architecture lovers. Plus great food, great people, exotic history and culture. You can upscale the experience by ascending one of the viewpoints and enjoy a 360-degree view of this glorious city.

Eat, Roam, Eat Again

Food is a universal unifier because it has only one language – taste. Enjoy various types of local and fusion cuisines from popular haunts in the city. We will guide you to some culinary surprises from lesser-known areas too.

Start the gastronomic trip with a shot of arrack (local liquor). It will get your appetite up. Wander through the enticing higgledy-piggledy streets peeking between buildings indulging in traditional sweets, savoury curries or fusion varieties. There's always arrack and a choice of drinks to wash them down.

If your fondness for food ranges to cooking, try learning new recipes from local families who will be happy to host you and share their knowledge.

In Tea Country

You are in tea land so just enjoying the beverage ain't enough. Explore how the island nation earned its cred as one of the world's largest tea exporters. Plantation visit will do the trick. You get to see the process and enjoy a variety of blends too. That makes for a refreshing trip. Of course, grab a few packets to enjoy back home.

Bike in the Dark

Colombo is a different beast at night. The wonderful city gets amazing during nights. Get a cycle and pedal through the city's narrow alleys and busy roads. Experience city life up close. If you feel peckish, there’s always a good eatery around every corner. And as a fitting finale, enjoy a pint at any of the pubs overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Colonial and Current Colombo

Sri Lanka was colonised by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British. The remnants of those eras still stand strong because the local people consider it as their own. From churches, offices and markets, there are many colonial-era buildings to be explored.

And if some of the modern era buildings grabbed your attention you can also learn more about the man behind most of those wonders - Geoffrey Bawa.

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