28 Jul 2022

10 Great Things To Do In Kandy, Sri Lanka

If the fairies decide to fly onto Earth and find an adobe, it is going to be the city of Kandy! Strolling along the sparkling and historically rich Kandy Lake and standing in the candle-lit shrine at the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, is one of the many agreeable things to do while in Kandy.

But the beauty of this Sri Lankan city goes beyond its verdant hills and divinity of temples. The opportunities Kandy presents are phenomenally engrossing to each visitor. There are exhilarating treks, relaxing walks in the temple vicinity, a rich cultural legacy to embrace and so much more.

Guided tour with botanist

Kandy is home to the largest botanical gardens of Sri Lanka, the Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens. To be encapsulated within the floral scents and the shades of thick trees is an experience nobody would like to miss. The botanist accompanying the tourists here presents insightful information in the most jovial manner, making the tour fun and flowery!

A visit to an artist’s home

Kandy is brimming with art! From dynamic performers to ardent craftsmen, every nook of this city passionately exhibits their artistic glory. This experience is for those who want to know the entirety of Kandy’s art legacy by stepping foot inside the artist’s creative space. The host here is one of the most eminent artists of the region and has lived and worked in Kandy for the past 3 decades. Eying his studio, his work and chatting with him exhibits all the unknown facets.

Nature walks with authentic home cooked food

A guided walk through the tropical estate, under a sunny sky and moist air is an appealing way to spend a day in Kandy. Sniffing into the fresh cinnamon and the creamy scent of the vanilla vines, surely kicks in the hunger hormones which are heartily satisfied by a wholesome Sri Lankan home-cooked meal in the end.

Tea & stories with a photographer

If seen keenly, one can hear a photograph speak a thousand words! Spending an afternoon with a passionate photographer, who displays many such pictures is a real walk-down-the-memory-lane moment. The lustre of the clicks exhibits the grandeur of Sri Lankan culture as well as the iconism of the vision of the host/photographer.

Bhikkhuni; Buddhist nuns of India

Everyone talks about the monks but none about the nuns! Kandy gives its tourists the opportunity to glance inside the pristine walls of Bhikkhuni monastery and get up close and personal with the Buddhist nuns. This is indeed best suited for those who want to discover the founding principles and legacy of Buddhism.

Traditional Sri Lanka drums

Drums play a vital part in the Sri Lankan culture and so visiting a professional drum teacher while in Kandy is a significant experience. A person can learn the nitty-gritties of this rhythmic art, know the difference in sounds and catch some tricks from the expert himself.

Kadugannawa tea factory

The gloriously sweet-smelling tea plantations cover the hills of Kadugannawa where a tea factory welcomes visitors to take them through the whole laborious task of tea production. Moving one’s fingers over the dried-up leaves, watching them being plucked and then poured hot into a cup is an oddly satisfying activity which one can stare at for hours.

Trek in the knuckle’s mountain range

Trekking to the mystifying Knuckles Mountain Range is an absorbing experience that lands one hugged in the smooth cloud of fog, dense rainforests, and the bubbling sound of waterfalls. With the company of the local guide, this trek is an insightful activity amidst the raw beauty of nature.

A scenic trek through a hidden hamlet

It is blissful to walk into the serenity of the village Hamlet which is enjoyably startled by the squeaking echo of birds and the clinking of leaves. Visiting this hidden gem is soul-stirring as the trek leads one to a utopian ground of aureate fields and a hushed village life.

Kandy city and temple walk

Traversing Kandy is never complete without roaming unhurriedly through the Temple of the Tooth and the temple grounds. The ones who wish to ramble the city, get inside the busy streets and eye all the magnificent structures, this experience gives it all and more. With a learned guide by the side, the tourists get to see all the charms of Kandy.

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