26 Oct 2020

Sunrise walk on the shores of Phewa Lake

Stretching along the shore of a tranquil lake with colorful bobbing paddle boats, Pokhara reminds me of the perfect laid-back charming destination I would ever encounter!

On a week vacation here is like soaking up the sun in a hammock. Being the second largest lake in Nepal, Phewa or Fewa lake in Pokhara is a magical sight bringing peace and tranquillity to the lakeside. A walk along its edge especially during the sunrise was one of my favorite things to do in Pokhara. During these golden hours, the lake is perfectly calm, and you can see the reflection of the Himalayas in its water.

I recommend starting the walk from the south shore and saunter towards the northern shore. Keep halting at the lookout points overlooking the eye-catching paddleboats resting in the lake, the local fishermen collecting the day’s catch, Barahi Temple on the small island, and the surrounding four majestic mountains.

While you walk, suddenly the sun appears on the edge of the world and the fog burns away, revealing the majestic mountains before us. This is one of the most dramatic scenes I could witness in my entire life, and worth losing a few moments of sleep which I hardly compromise otherwise.

Do stop by one of the lakeside juice makers or step into the lakeside restaurant for a quick inviting breakfast. For the prominent views, head towards the shaded park at Phewa lake and end your walk on the north shore of the lake. This way walk, sunlight happens to be the perfect match for shutterbugs.

Don’t forget to explore the local Tibetan craft vendors and grab a bargain of your choice.

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