14 Oct 2022

Staff Picks! Our 10 Favorite retreats in Chitwan National Park

Imagine opening your eyes in the morning to sights and sounds of the forest. Sounds fantastic, but it is exactly what you will get to enjoy at the properties that we have earmarked for you. The hotels and resorts in this list are known for their beautiful locales, stellar amenities and services, a plethora of exciting activities and of course great food.

Meghauli Serai – A Taj Safari

Standing on the banks of the river Rapti, Meghauli Serai overlooks a vast expanse of rippling waters and the core of Chitwan National Park. This 30-room luxurious jungle safari resort in Chitwan National Park is designed to showcase the spectacular wilderness and rooms as well as guest areas afford uninterrupted views of the jungle.

Barahi Jungle Lodge

Barahi Jungle Lodge situated in the pacific Chitwan, reflects the serenity of the National Park. Chitwan’s tranquility and the lodge’s peace very well complement one another. Experiencing refined luxury in the panoramic jungles adorned with the Rapti River when viewed from Barahi’s vantage point is a parallel universe retreat. We take immense pride in strengthening the bond of nature and mankind through our experiences.

Jagatpur Lodge

Enter the world of jungle camps and safaris from days long ago backed by all the comforts of the modern world. Set by the Rapti river, on the edge of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Chitwan National Park, the lodge combines the natural beauty of its surroundings with an understated elegance. The lodge nestles in more than eight acres of jungle grassland. Modern amenities abound including Wi-Fi and HD televisions. All supported by impeccable, caring service.

Himalayan Wildlife Sanctuary

This safari resort is nestled on the banks of the Narayani River in the lush green region of Amaltari on the western edge of Chitwan National Park. A stay at Sanctuary Resort is an escape from the outside world offering a magical wilderness at your door. Due to our exclusive secluded location and inclusive service, a relaxing getaway in our sumptuous grounds will enable you to reconnect with nature and yourself.

Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge

Nestled beside lush forest and overlooking idyllic Terai landscapes, Tharu Lodge is the perfect place to unwind. Inspired by the longhouse style of Tharu architecture and built from local materials, the Lodge offers a unique and comfortable insight into Nepalese village life and culture.

Temple Tiger Green Lodge

The Resort has been designed within its own forest which includes a host of species of flora and fauna. The resort features 20 single and double air-conditioned villas each with its own private balcony overlooking the Chitwan National Park, surrounding Bote villages, the Narayani River and the layout of the resort has been designed to depict a typical jungle safari resort.

Tiger Land Safari

This Jungle themed lodge with 35 individual air-conditioned villa cottages situated alongside a tributary of Rapti river spread within 8 acres of land that overlooks the Chitwan National Park. This lodge is in a Tharu village, which offers a breathtaking view of the national park, wild animals, and birds.

Hotel Safari Narayani

Located on a bluff overlooking the Rapti River and the National Park beyond, Safari Narayani Hotel is an ideal getaway for those seeking solace from the frenzied 21st century lifestyle. This spectacular year-round jungle hotel features spacious guestrooms in rustic style country cottages.

Jungle Villa Resort

Jungle Villa Resort is surrounded by lush greenery and located on the edge of the Rapti river, providing all residents’ splendid nature views and wildlife sighting from the property. At the northern edge of the Chitwan National Park, the resort provides comfortable amenities enriching the jungle experience.

Tharu Community Lodge

A community business owned by Tharu women. The aspiration of Tharu Community Lodge is to empower women of the tribe. The Lodge aims to reduce financial dependency of Tharu women by providing them with a stable income and same time preserving the cultural values and tradition through sustainable project.

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