09 Feb 2023

Romantic Destinations In Nepal

Rekindle the magic of your romantic journey amongst the mystical charms of Nepal. Sequestered in the otherworldly splendours of the Himalayas, Nepal offers you a wondrous range of destinations for you and your partner to recapture and refresh your love for each other to create even more precious memories for your years together. The delectable choice of geography, culture, spiritualism and adventure makes for a broad canvas on which you can paint a memorable picture of this fresh romantic narrative.

Kathmandu Raptures

Steeped in history and culture, this ancient Himalayan capital is an excellent base for a thrilling round of activities you and your beloved can indulge in on your romantic escape. To get the best of the city’s unique allurements, why not arrange for a private tour tailor-made just for the two of you? Pay your respects at the famous Pashupatinath Temple and then turn the wheel for good fortune and Buddha’s blessings at the Boudhanath Stupa. Inspired by Kathmandu’s expressive street art, you might like to visit a local artist at work. In the workshops of Kathmandu’s legendary craftsmen, you can even learn how to make a memento for each other, be it a bit of pottery or the legendary kukri (in miniature) or a small stone carving, under their expert guidance. Spring a surprise for your loved one with a specially curated Newari feast to enjoy together. You can spin the night away at a casino or a nightclub in the city. Plunge into the joys of a shopping spree at Thamel, and then head out for some tranquillity and tender moments amongst the fountains, ponds, pavilions and pergolas of the Garden of Dreams. Enjoy a lovely lunch at the Kaiser Café here. If you are in Kathmandu and you have an adventurous streak in you, a night stay at Everest Base Camp should definitely be on your wish list of togetherness. Tuck into a champagne breakfast next morning in plain sight of the legendary Mt. Everest. Then wrap it up with a thrilling helicopter flypast of Everest and its attendant peaks. Memories are surely made of these unforgettable highs long after you’ve left Kathmandu.

Bandipur -Uncrowded Retreat

This tiny hill station between Kathmandu and Pokhra, off the Prithvi Highway, is just the place for a private twosome retreat. A far cry from the bustling- hustling vibes of Kathmandu Bandipur is a place of great character with its glorious natural beauty, beautifully persevered architectural heritage and deep-seated tranquillity. Clean and green, uncrowded little Bandipur has a cosy feel about it, with old townhouses of red brick ornamented by trailing vines and impeccably carved woodwork, pagoda-style Hindu shrines and no-traffic walkways. It’s really ideal if you want to the pair of you want to enjoy your private time together. The panoramic vistas of the Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, and Langtang mountains are just awesome. The hill town is a picturesque mix of the old and new. While deeply steeped in Newari culture, it’s also got a western vibe to it with some of the old Newari buildings repurposed as modern day cafes and hotels to greet the mounting visitors it has attracted. Walk the talk with its beautifully preserved heritage as you wander through cobblestone streets marked by traditional Newari architecture. The Siddha Gufa, with its subterranean wonders is a popular haunt with guests. Enjoy Zen moments together in the sanctum of Boudha Sadan Shakyamuni Gompa with its colourful deities. You might also take a quick round of the Silkworm Farm to discover how silk stoles and scarves have become a popular gifting item. As the day draws to a close, wend your way up to the Gurungche Hill to enjoy a spectacular sunset. You can also visit the Thani Mai Temple located here. Rise really early if you want to grab those romantic nuances of sunrise over the Annapurna Range from Tundikhel, the old trading hub in town.

Nagarkot-Awesome Idyll

The tranquil environs of Nagarkot, 35 km from Kathmandu, make for a great romantic breakaway for couples looking to leave their everyday world behind and spend exclusive time together. Long legend for its glorious Himalayan views Nagarkot compels you to park your worries far away and just enjoy these wondrous moments in the lap of nature. Even just hanging out on the balcony of the viewing tower at sunrise can be an uplifting experience when your gaze falls upon the line-up of those sun-kissed, snow-mantled ranges including Annapurna, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang, Jugal, Rolwaling, and Everest reach out to you. Follow a trail in the hushed expanses of the rhododendron forest listening to birdsong; it’s an idyllic time for some private moments together as you pick some fallen floral jewels from the forest floor. You can also walk around the serene Buddha Peace Park and for a more edgy experience; go peak-viewing with a para-gliding jaunt. Awesome!

Pokhra- Vibrant Escapades

You’ll be flipping the pages of your memory album again and again to recapture those fabulous experiences you shared in Pokhara, ‘the City of Lakes’. Renowned world-wide for its scenic panoramas of the Himalaya’s Pokhra has transformed into a sense-thrilling adventure activities hub to enjoy its natural landscape to the fullest. Pokhra is the perfect romantic escape for adventure sports-loving couples. If you are looking for awesome views of the Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, and Dhaulagiri peaks, this is the place to be. A boat ride on the Phewa Lake offers the perfect selfie moment together with those peak views. Paragliding and bungee jumping offer a whole new outlook to your idea of Pokhra’s many allurements. You can hike up to Sarangkot hill for the most romantic of sunrise experiences, when the Annapurna Range blushes rosily when it’s kissed by the rays of the morning sun.

Chitwan National Park

Chill together in the glorious wilderness expanses of the Terai region’s most beautiful forestlands. Cement those bonds between you even more strongly as you paddle your canoe in great rhythm, cycle along forested trails and delight in this natural wildlife habitat at you seek sightings of the Royal Bengal Tiger and the endangered one-horned rhino in their ancient stamping grounds. Several resorts located here pamper you with a range of luxury services and amenities. Spend leisurely moments paddling down the Rapti River, then clamber on an elephant to follow the trails in quest of the elusive tiger. If you both are avid birders, don’t forget to pack your bird book and binocs, because Chitwan is an avifaunal haven too! A romantic candlelight dinner in your tent or under a starry sky is just the ticket to wrap up the day. A lovely meal, accompanied by a cultural programme by the local Tharu community members, adds a rich cultural vibe to the night in the jungle. You can even watch the sunrise together at Chiraichalai Hill. A picnic basket for two is a compelling touch to lure you out to spend time at the nearby Jalbire Waterfall.

Nepal has quite a few destinations which don’t always feature on the tourist circuit. These are idyllic places to where lovers can escape for private time together. Some forward planning goes a long way in making it all a seamless romantic getaway to remember with delight long afterwards.

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