12 Jul 2022

Most Loved Places to Shop in Kathmandu

A cultural Mecca seeped in the ancient traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism Kathmandu city is an ageless marvel. Explore this majestic city’s maze-like alleys, the vibrant temples, the bustling market, the peaceful shrines, the mouth-watering Newari dishes.

There are numerous hidden gems to be found in Kathmandu’s bustling Bazaar; its quaint old shops to mammoth shopping centres find the most exquisite jewellery, delicate textiles, hand-carved homeware, original Himalayan spices. We have compiled a handpicked selection of our suggested special places to take a wander around.


It’s a shopper’s paradise which offers a variety of products at a reasonable price. From the captivating pashmina shawls and artistic rugs to the detailed Thangka paintings and handcrafted kukris (a Nepalese knife) to the artistic silverware mostly produced locally and hence the competitive price. No shopping experience in Kathmandu is complete without walking through the narrow streets and alleyways of Thamel.


Be mesmerised by the famous Tibetan carpets dazzling us with piles on piles of different sizes, hues and designs. You can see the heart and soul Tibetan refugee artisans have put in these detailed rugs. The shining handcrafted jewellery, the beautiful beads and the majestic Buddhist statuary and the back streets lined with metal workshops will definitely catch your eye. You will find authentic treasures in this beautiful bazaar.

Pottery Square

Pottery is a practical and lasting form of art. Not everyone can afford original paintings, but most people can afford pottery. Every painting every symbol is called with such detail and passion, but if you look at the whole structure, you can almost see a beautiful story being told through these symbols. You will find many legends and stories on these fragile structures of clay.

Durbar Square

The vivid Yamantaka masks lining the shops of Durbar square will definitely catch your eye and you will feel as if they are looking back at you. Famous for handicrafts, Durbar square has numerous beautiful artifacts to fascinate you. From the beautiful little bells to the detailed handbags, there are numerous ornamental artifacts to choose from.

Indra Chowk

A well-known economical shopping venue, Indira Chowk is famous for colourful glass beads symbolic of Nepali married women. You can also shop for garments, woollens and blankets. You can find textiles, food items, spices, even electronics and gold and silver bars here. These two marketplaces form a part of the ancient trade route between India and Tibet through Kathmandu.

Asan Bazaar

Asan Bazaar (or Ason Tole) which is said to be the oldest market of Kathmandu.   From beautiful handicrafts to delicious Lapsi, chhurpi, titaura. Listen to the meditating sounds of the singing bowls. Indra Chowk and Asan Bazaar form a part of the ancient trade route between India and Tibet through Kathmandu.

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