15 Apr 2020

Meet the Kumari living goddess of Nepal

Whether it is a heart-thumping trek, a spiritual transformation, or a glimpse into the culture of Himalayan people, I find plenty of reasons to love Nepal. All the options this zealous country puts into the lap of a traveller are overwhelming, but the mightiest of all is - meeting the human goddess!

In the land of monks, monasteries and mountains, there resides the Goddess Kumari! I read extensively about this and was intrigued by this tradition that dates to the 10th century.

With the help of my guide I was able to join one of her trail walks in Kathmandu. My first impression as soon as I lay eyes on her was, “She looks incredible”. She was about two or three years old, dressed from head to toe in a bright coral-red traditional attire, her eyes were gleaming beautifully, she had thick kohl lines drawn around her eyes up till her temples, her forehead had a painted third-eye called the fire eye and the aura that encapsulated her was vigorous. She is secured from all impurities including touching the ground which is why she is carried around in a palanquin through the crowd of her devotees.

After seeking my blessings, I took some time to interact with the families of former Kumari’s and know how their experience was like when their home turned into a temple and their daughter was equal to an idol in a religious place.

My experience was blissful and made me see a completely different niche of devotion and devotees.

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