20 Jun 2020

Meet Sherpa who climbed the Everest

Before meeting Dewa Sherpa, the one who has climbed the highest mountain on Earth for four successful times, all I could say to myself was, “How?”.

The sheer sight of the mighty Everest leaves all dazzled and numb! The icy winds, the uncertainty of the mood of Everest, the crystalline and crunchy snow, and the unending route to the summit - putting up your flag on the top of Everest is no joke!

But 29 years old Dewa makes it look like he surely has a strong friendship with the highest existing peak! Dewa looked like any other Sherpa in his body formation and looks but is undoubtedly different from all.

I bursted out my balloon of questions in front of the Himalayan legend (as he popularly is known as) and learnt some juicy gossips of the icy king Everest. Dewa told how he is aware of the risks he puts his life into but the reason why he continues conquering the mighty is because this is where his heart finds peace and his life finds its purpose.

Trekking from age of 16, Dewa has devoted his life to mountain climbers and the people of his community. The white snow is as normal as sand to him, the avalanches and the brisk winds do not shake him off and the summit is never too far for this Sherpa!

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