19 Nov 2020

Fly over Everest, an incredible panoramic trip through the Himalayas

Would you leave the Himalayan country of Nepal without a glimpse of the tallest mountain in the world? I wouldn’t pass up a chance! For all the non-mountaineers out there, getting close to the mighty Mount Everest, there is still a way – embarking on a mountain flight for a close encounter with the highest peak on earth. Though quite expensive, the one-hour scenic flight is the perfect option without regret. But if you’re on a budget you may want to give it a miss!

To beat the cloud cover, Everest mountain flight usually takes off around 6 am. Luckily everyone gets the window seat as aisle seats are not booked. The left seats (row A) get to see the mountains first and when the plan turns, the right seats (row D) get to see the mountains. By far, the seats right at the back and behind the wings, give you the best-uninterrupted view. One by one you will also be invited into the cockpit for a full-screen view of the peaks around. You will also be handed out with the maps by the stewardess, which they later point out when the peaks appear. Lucky if you have a crystal-clear blue sky throughout the flight experience which will showcase more than a dozen glistening peaks as you fly above the clouds, lakes, glaciers, rivulets and gorges.

The flight attendant finally uttered “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, that’s the Mt Everest!” and later surprised with the champagne glass for a celebration of a lifetime.

As a memento, the flight experience certificate will keep reminding you of your adventure unlocked.

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