10 May 2022

Adventure Nepal for Teens

Nepal offers teen travellers an endless variety of adventures to keep them hooked from moment to moment. Interspersed with pockets of calm, one can pile up one’s bucket list for endless days of fun and adventure in both its urban spaces and the wilds. One of the world’s leading adventure hot spots, Nepal is a roller coaster ride of out- of- the- world experiences

Mountain magic

Adrenalin junkies have no shortage of trails to explore on foot or by mountain bikes. What can turn out to be lots of fun is going on a guided trek with a summiteer who will regale you with his adventures as you soak up the delights of glorious panoramas of the Himalayan snow peaks and lush forest trails.

The trek to Everest Base Camp is an unforgettable experience. Maybe it might bring out the summiteer in teenagers who are tempted by the idea of challenging the great peak in time to come.

Culinary capers

Teenagers seem to be perpetually hungry and on holidays there’s a certain edge to that hunger which allows them to even experiment with novel dishes in the markets in the new places they visit. Kathmandu, for example will truly spoil them for choice. For one, they can have the traditional dal-bhat and veggies with a foreign twist. Meat dishes are cooked in special ways which are sure to tempt their taste buds. On street corners and small eateries all-time favourites like momos and noodles are comfort snacks in a new setting. For the foodie adventurer Kathmandu offers a fabulous array of international cuisines, thanks to Nepal’s popularity as a global adventure hot-spot. So Italian, Mexican, Russian, Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Burmese, Thai, Singaporean, Korean and Japanese food … bring it on.

Wildlife spotting

Nepal’s Chitwan National Park offers some of the most glorious experience of wilderness spaces in the world. Home to alluring species like the Royal Bengal Tiger, the Asiatic elephant and the Indian one-horned rhino, apart from a fantastic array of avifaunal and botanical delights, Chitwan will always be remembered for its unparalleled wildlife adventures. Dugout canoe rides on the Rapti River— the lifeline of Chitwan, and early morning forest walks, jeep safaris and some thrilling off road driving— all come with their own special experiences in this beautiful space in the legendary Terai region, which shares borders with India.

It’s easy to see how many teenagers can get ignited by the love of adventure and novel experiences on a holiday in Nepal. And, for some it can even become a lifelong passion that drives them to try more thrilling activities, such as taking a bash at the legendary Annapurna trek or even dreaming of climbing Mt Everest…

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