21 Apr 2023

One Tree Planted and Recycling India Foundation: Going Green and Clean to Keep the Planet Safe

The global travel community is now seen to be slowly embracing more responsible steps to not leave behind invasive elements by their actions in local communities, their culture and the environs in the destinations people choose to visit.

Distinct Destinations is very excited to share that, in line with its commitment to the sustainable travel movement, it has partnered with One Tree Planted in the laudable cause of saving the environment by planting trees. It’s guests, who also take part in the Tree Planted programme, are happy as it has resonated very well with them in their aim to do their bit in keeping Planet Earth safe.

Distinct Destinations is proud of its association with One Tree Planted wherein a tree is planted for each guest of the company who travels using only digital documents. Trees will be procured for the Asia chapter, and a certificate will be sent out March-end each year. Distinct Destinations only does this for travellers who choose to travel digitally. This is a little window to the company’s small initiatives to give meaning to the holidays of the traveller. Distinct Destinations has consciously made it a point that its guests travel only digitally and therefore do not need to use paper documents.

Distinct Destinations has also partnered with the Recycle India Foundation, that has in place a technology which powers its e-waste management program, which provides producers and global brands with comprehensive Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) services. Distinct Destination ensures that on its tours all empty plastic bottles are collected by drivers and guides at the end of trip and dropped off at Recycle India Foundation outlets.

One Tree Planted and the Recycling India Foundation have emerged as two powerful partners of tour operators who consciously offer more sustainable travel programmes to guests. These two organizations have been playing an influential role in the travel industry in combating serious issues raised by climate change.

The One Tree Planted initiative has proved to be a resourceful engine to drive the cause of helping the environment by planting trees. The enterprise was set up to make it easier for both individuals and businesses to give back to the environment, create a healthier climate, protect biodiversity, and help reforestation efforts. The method they have developed is quite simple–One tree is planted for every dollar that is donated to the cause. This is initiative is propelled by the belief that we can restore forests, create habitats for biodiversity, and make a positive social impact around the world. Projects launched across Asia by One Tree Planted are helping rebuild the habitat of critically endangered species like tigers etc, and over 1,700 species of birds. These projects create jobs and provide sustainable, long-term income for communities so people and forests can live harmoniously.

Recycle India Foundation is a country-wide organization, currently spread across 29 states, 3 union territories and over 60 cities. Intrinsic to its operations are issues such as safe plastic disposal, pet bottle disposal, paper recycling and reducing waste.

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