31 Oct 2022

Where To Eat – Our Favourite Restaurants In Kolkata (Calcutta)

Eating out in Kolkata is a breeze. Catering to all budgets, it offers everything from street food to fine dining of world order. The Bengalis love to eat and ensure that the quality of what they are served is unreservedly beyond reproach. Goodly, proportions can be gauged by the throngs at food stalls or filling up tables at restaurants and eateries across town. Fish, meat, chicken, greens…they all are magically transformed into dishes of delight with carefully chosen herbs and spices...readily available in family kitchens as well.

Mocambo Restaurant and Bar, Park Street

Park Street has long been a haven for dining and wining and entertainment for the Calcutta's hip natives, as it has been for visitors from out of town. A hot favourite from back in its glamorous heydays of the 70s, Mocambo is loved for its great atmospherics and hip vibes and memories of crooner Pam Crain. You still have the queues waiting it out for decades-old favourites such as chicken a la Kiev and Beckty Bell Meuniere (seafood dish) at this heritage restaurant. Other favourites are their chicken tetrazzini and prawn cocktail, yummy soups, chicken specialities, and risottos.

Peter Cat, Park Street

A companion hot spot to Mocambo, and owned by the same family, Peter Cat hit Park Street running since 1975 and has not stopped the crowds waiting for a table ever since. Initially, it aimed at serving pure Indian food with mutton chaanp, chicken chaanp and roomali roti as menu leads. But it was the kebab section that really took off, and even today its Chelo Kebab is the hottest seller. Catering to its client's needs, it slowly introduced soups, fish fry, cutlets, and roast chicken… and in the 80's — the sizzler... now a Peter Cat biggie!

Aaheli - The Peerless Inn

Located in the heritage spaces of the Peerless Inn in Kolkata, Aaheli has fast become a city hot spot for good food and an atmospheric ambience created by the folksy décor of Bengal. Tables are laid using mats made of cane which are common in Bengal’s art and craft. To be found in the New Market area, AAHELI was founded in 1993. Derived from the Arabic word “AAHEL”, AAHELI means ‘authentic’ and serves patrons authentic Bengali cuisine. Food is typically served on bell metal utensils, reflecting the traditions of a Bengali household.

Threesixtythree, The Oberoi Grand

This swanky all-day dining restaurant serves specially curated world cuisines - including European, Asian, Indian, and Japanese, pizzas cooked live in a wood-fired oven, handcrafted single-origin chocolate desserts and cold-pressed juices. You will love the uninterrupted views of the pool and palm trees in the central courtyard and attention to your needs while savouring the great delights of their world cuisine lunches and lavish brunches. The specialist Japanese chef presents live sushi, sashimi, and a handpicked Japanese menu. And the spread of desserts is humongous, with both Indian and western options.

6 Ballygunge Place

Located in the bungalow of a former Rai Bahadur, it oozes age-old customs and heritage vibes. Ballygunge Place has a huge following simply for its authentic Bengali cuisine and exemplary quality of food and service. Hot favourites are its Daab Chingri, Bhapa Bhetki Gondhoraj, Kosha Mangsho, Dhakai Pora Mangsho, Aam Kasundi Murgi and Pur Bhora Doi Potol.

Tung Fong Restaurant, Park Street

Despite its pricey menu Tung Fong is packed most days for the wide spectrum of Kolkata-style Chinese dishes on offer. Check out the classics like the wonton soups, Golden Fried Jumbo Prawns, Drums of Heaven, Tung Fong Chilly Chicken, Fried Chicken, and the Kung Pao Chicken. Their favoured fish ball soup, whole steam fish and prawn on toast, needs to be ordered a day ahead. The daily buffet spread is one of the most affordable in the city.

Oh! Calcutta, Elgin Road

Even diehard Bengalis love the place for its authentic fare served in dishy settings, despite the minimalist décor. Seating arrangements are both cosy and created for a great family get together. Your comfort zone is further enhanced by a menu spiffed up with home-run hitters like Railway Mutton, Smoked Hilsa, Kacha Lonka Murgi, Gondhoraj Bhetki, Boneless Hilsa, and Chingri Macher Malaikari. Driven by authentic recipes, the fare here is curated to please the palate and your sense of continuity in the best culinary traditions. You can team your dishes with orders from a well-stocked bar.

Flavours Of China, BAR – B – Q, Park Street

Its popularity, especially on weekends and the holiday season, reveals its coveted place on the foodie favourite list in a city which has no dearth of places to go. Divided into two distinct sections, there are two separate entrances at this iconic Park Street restaurant, as well – one to Flavours of China and the other to Bar-B-Q. Though the Indian is good in its own right, this is the place to be for signature Kolkata-style Chinese dishes available in goodly portions. The Burnt Ginger Capsicum Fried Rice and Chilli Garlic Noodles have a great fan following, as do Lat Me Kai, Golden Fried Prawns, Mushroom Pepper Salt, and Prawns Pepper Salt.

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