19 Jul 2022

Unique Cultural Experiences to Indulge in During Kerala Backwaters tour

We will always be inspired by 'The Venice of the East. The imagination of Lord Curzon, when he first encountered this unique network of waterways, was quickened to recall his moments in that gorgeous European city and has left us with this compelling image of Kerala's iconic backwaters. This bounty of Nature of "the land between the sea and the network of rivers flowing into it", as identified by its former name 'Alappuzha', has certainly not lost its charm, even for repeat guests. Countless experiences will embed themselves in your memory stick, even though you may have long left the legendary Malabar Coast and these verdant-aqua-oriented environs behind. Save them and share them and come back again and again to replenish them.

Cooking Demo and Lunch with Family

Christ's disciple, St Thomas, who arrived on Kerala's shores in 52 CE, has left behind an enduring spiritual legacy in the state. His devotees are known as Syrian Christians. Syrian -Christian traditions are a unique aspect of Kerala's cultural richness. You have an excellent opportunity to learn how to cook and enjoy a traditional Syrian Christian meal at the heritage home of a family of this Keralan community.

Alleppey by Foot

The Preserve Alleppey Project, started in 2000 by the Lion Ladies Club of Alleppey, conducts this walking tour. Their passion for preserving the culture of Alleppey town and the backwaters has really paid off. You will be richly rewarded as you thoroughly immerse yourself in the grand insights into the town and backwater environs on this tour. The tour involves both a drive and a walk through the Gujarati quarter, the canal banks, and an old wholesale market with a private guide.

Alleppey Magic

Pedaling along the emerald paddy fields and villages of this backwater’s town enjoy up-close encounters with this unique ecosystem in which the local people have adapted their lives and livelihoods for survival. This tour of the Kuttanad district helps you discover another world- view of Kerala and its people.

Beyond the Backwaters

You will discover another facet of life in the backwaters as you explore one of the villages here, which represents a culture-rich existence of thousands of years. You will encounter an enormous sense of community, connectivity and resourcefulness that make this experience so enriching. The real stakeholders of this place are the children who are the future of this place. At the local school - the Anganwadi, you will get a better understanding of their aspirations and how education is a way to a better life.

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