21 Oct 2021

Role and Importance of Destination Management Company

It’s a great relief that the pandemic has given respite to the travel industry. People are desperate to move out of the confined spaces of distance living and are grabbing every opportunity to travel. Destination Management companies are rejigging their vision of their services for their B2B travel partners for customers to get the optimum benefits of travel in the window that is slowly opening up.

Destination Management companies are pivotal in their role as reliable, visionary and inventive partners in these troubled times, and their importance has certainly increased multifold now.

Sustainable Moves

Amongst the most impactful options in travel has been the commitment to sustainable travel programmes. Customers are increasingly conscious of travelling as responsible visitors to destinations at home and abroad. They are very much in sync with the new policies that are driving tourism when it comes to eco-centric travel, to ensure the minimum contamination to the environment and local culture. Destination Management Companies believe that the onus lies on them as well to take this movement forward with their travel partners.

Exclusive, Immersive Travel with No full Stops

Partnering with agencies means that Destination Management Companies step up and help streamline their services; this means everything from creating tour packages, arranging stays to organizing local homes, visits for culinary experiences and the like. They help ensure that guests enjoy the most enthralling travel experiences with local players for a truly immersive visit, be it the monuments, the bazaars, the museums or the craftsmen workshop – or even wildlife sanctuary or a secret island. The aim is to make every moment a beautiful memory to be savoured long after one leaves the place. The aim is to make the unfamiliar so familiar it is embraced as one’s very own.

Destination Management Companies (DMC) aim to make your offerings truly exclusive, regardless of the kind of travel segment that is the end-users, be it Leisure Travel, MICE, Group Travel, Tailor-made Individual Travel or Special Interest Programs.

What drives this exclusivity, of course, is the fabulous networking for the travel programmes, coupled with a deeply immersive understanding of the region where they play out.

This means that the DMC partners with specialists in their area of expertise, so visitors get an in-depth insight about their field of interest– it could be history and heritage, culinary explorations, crafts or even an intriguing local custom never encountered before.

Core Values to Grow the Business

Trust and reliability have to be at the core of the relationships with all the stakeholders in this endeavour. Destination Management companies harness technology to streamline their operations in the most inventive and future-ready scale to ensure their partners accrue the maximum benefits of the relationship. Keeping abreast of market trends and realities plays an immense role in enhancing services, be it on anything new, what’s hot and what’s perfectly suited for your unique needs.

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