04 Jan 2021

Exploring Kolkata; The Cultural, Artistic and Intellectual Capital of India

If any country that can stir up your emotions and soul, it’s Kolkata. In a bid to know this “city of joy” and all its connection to the art scene, culinary delight, rich artistic heritage, and week-long festivities pack your bags and wow your senses right away!

It’s not an ordinary city that you can simply gallop through a day or two. At first sight, it may overwhelm you with the smell and the sight but slowly and slowly you will love the cheerful chaos. The warmth of genuine people and their illustrious intellectuality is what makes this city unique.

 Gaze at the early morning Malik Ghat flower market on the banks of Hooghly river is one thing that you should surely not miss and is the perfect start to explore the essence of Kolkata. What mesmerized me the most was the yellow hue of the market. All thanks to dazzling yellow and orange Marigold looming over the entire place.

While you marvel through the eloquent heritage, the grandeur of the colonial architecture will strike the chord within. We shouldn’t forget that Calcutta (Renamed Kolkata now) was the capital of India in the colonial days and it’s obvious to see the splendor of British influence here. Amongst all, the Victoria Memorial building has kept its glory and it’s always fascinating to witness the majesty of this masterpiece.

In the mazed alleyways of traditional potters’ quarter of Kumartuli, sculpting prowess is at it’s best. Stroll through the backstreet where almost every house is the running workshop for countless idol-making of deities and demons which are finally immersed in the Hooghly river during the vivid festivity of Durga Puja.

Roaming around the city in the yellow taxi was the focal point of my trip. This is a must-do experience out of all the stunning icons of Kolkata. In fact, the Yellow classic Ambassador is the most recognizable and comes with endless stories associated with Kolkatan as if the car is meant for this city only.

Head on to the Dacres Lane, a famous melting pot of Bengali culinary delight! It boasts of every single dish that caters to the popular notion of each Kolkatan. Not only the Dacres lane but every street here in Kolkata is busy with munching of favorite street food. The flavorful and rich taste of Bengali food is tempting enough to make you crave for more and try your hands to prepare them at home.

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