14 Mar 2024

Divine Dining and Dallying in Delhi

When Indonesian Chef Mustian Gadang recently dropped his spanking new menu for the Spice Route, he reeled in scores of epicurean patrons for this sumptuous repast.

A tempting new menu marked for its quintessential flavours and textures of Asia has Dilliwallahs in a tizzy with so many exciting options to choose from. Well-sensitised to the evolving culinary lifestyle choices the ambit of the menu curated by Head Chef Mustian covers a host of palate-tingling delights for an indulgent Asian dining experience for Vegetarian, Vegan, and Non-vegetarian patrons.

In sync with its commitment to sustainability, The Spice Route enriches its offerings with local ingredients, with the mindful aim of supporting a memorable eco-friendly gourmet experience.

When The Spice Route first opened its portals to Delhi’s gourmands, the response was even more thrilling than expected. Even the blasé palates of the city’s well-travelled glitterati and chatterati were quite blown away by the gastronomic journey in the swanky Imperial Hotel located in Connaught Place on the erstwhile Queens Way, now the more banal Janpath.

Culture through Food

Dining at Spice Route doesn’t just stop at the delicious food and beverages with which you can indulge the gourmand in you. Stepping into Spice Route transports you into a realm of sheer sensory delight on many counts. From the plush soft textiles to the carefully curated lighting, every element contributes to an atmosphere that encourages movement and conversation. Guests embark on an Ethnic Asian culinary odyssey, where every aspect of the dining experience, from décor to cuisine, is meticulously crafted.

Spice Route is a destination in itself, albeit in the atmospheric ambit of the elegant Imperial Hotel in the heart of historic New Delhi. A guided tour of the beautiful restaurant puts the spotlight on what a wonderful foil its décor is to its exquisite epicurean experience. Shaped by the visionary outlook of The Imperial’s visionary owners and the esteemed architect, and culture czar Rajeev Sethi, its design and décor swing whisk you away to the rich and vibrant world of South East Asia’s cultural explosions… beginning from the corners of East Asia through Java to India. For over seven years Sethi helmed the curating of the decorative elements to meld beautifully with its architectural splendour to complete this poetic symphony of culture, communities and artisanal delight.

Demarcated into nine different spaces Spice Route Restaurant is rooted in traditional Feng Shui principles. In the Knowledge section you will discover handcrafted replicas of 16th-century temple pillars, symbolizing the Three Stages of Life: Artha, Kama, and Moksha. The frescoes here depicting vignettes from the Kamasutra reflect materialism. Illustrations on the ceiling represent Salvation; a beautiful antique ceiling from Kerala figures in the Help & Support section. From the Creativity and Relationship areas move on to the more opulent sections like Fate & Fortune and Wealth marked for the stunning gold leaf adornments. The Ancestral section is emblematic of life’s culmination, while the courtyard is a beautiful fusion of Thai and Kerala decorative features. Steep yourself in the marvels of the Thai stone carvings from Chiang Mai which share space with the mural paintings, and handcrafted pillars from fabled temples in India replicated by artisans and painters from Guruvayur in Kerala.

A sojourn at the Imperial Hotel comes highly recommended.  Dating back to the more graceful times of its inception in 1936, The Imperial has an impeccable lineage when it comes to glamour and glitz. Hollywood A-listers, Bollywood stars, and global royalty were swept into its embrace assured of an exceptionally warm and opulent welcome.

Cocooned in its verdant expanses of its over eight-acre estate, this Grand Dame with its timeless joie de vivre stays in step with the times, as popular a haunt for Gen Z and Gen AI as it is with its loyal patrons of many years.

Abandon yourself to the legacy and the charm, the comfort and the cosseting at this imperial retreat where the rich nuances of bygone eras meld seamlessly with contemporary cutting-edge technology and bespoke experiences to give you the time of your life.

Mark time here browsing over through its fabulous art collection—credited to be the world’s largest private collection of 5,500 Indo-European artworks narrating India's rich heritage. Imbibe of its well-stocked libations in the popular bar to recapture its flamboyant hospitality marked by the birth of the iconic 120ml Patiala Peg. Customise your wellness experience with a personal signature oil and fragrance, crafted from precious ingredients like Nargis, Oudh, and Mandarin.

A super luxe dining and stay experience in one of Delhi’s most iconic hotspots offers you bountiful reasons to return to this historic city to unravel many more of its splendiferous charms and offerings  for sensory journeys of the exceptional kind.

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