23 Aug 2021

Best Things to do in Mumbai

A magnet for streams of dreamers and entrepreneurs, seekers of work and peddlers of cons and icons, the bustling mega-metropolis of Mumbai lives up to its tag as the "City of Dreams" decade in and decade out. Its unique ability to rise above even the worst times as a shining pinnacle of hope has been richly embraced by all who find their place under the sun in this iconic millennium city. With a well-planned bucket list of things to do, delve deep into its multi-cultural offerings and savour each moment of it.

Mumba Devi’s Mumbai

The presiding deity of the locals, Mumba Devi, from which one of the world's most exciting commercial capitals takes its name, provides an intimate window into the world of the fisherfolk. An early morning wander by the docks introduces you to the Koli community, Mumbai's original inhabitant, as the boats come to shore with the day's catch. It's a hectic scene with many photos in the offing! Among the things to do here is to learn all about the logistics of the food distribution in the city as tonnes of meat, fruits and vegetables enter the various markets. Stop at the flower market to savour the riot of colour and fragrances. Walk across a cricket ground is a reminder of how cricket-mad the city is!

Recapturing a colonial past

You cannot miss Mumbai's historical connections with colonial rule as you drive past its many iconic buildings and landmarks. Tick off your long list of things to do as you head out from the Gateway of India, victory arch commemorating the arrival at Mumbai (Bombay) of King-Emperor George V and Queen-Empress Mary – the first British monarch to visit India. Whizz past the grand Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, host to numerous other celebrities in its century-old lifetime; keep moving on to the Royal Mumbai Yacht Club, the Police Headquarters, the NGMA and the city museum. Your tour will also take in Kala Ghoda and its vivid art scene and the Watson Hotel – the first iron cast building in the city that hosted Mark Twain.

Khau Gully Temptations

There's one unmissable and very enticing adventure that must be on that list of things to do; you just can't afford to explore Mumbai's street food heritage, an intriguing indulgence of your cultural cravings in the best way, ever. No better language closes the gap between the strange and the familiar than the language of food. This plate-seducing adventure allows for unparalleled up-close and personal encounters with the melting pot of Mumbai’s legendary communities.

The high energy of Mumbai is reflected in countless ways in the city's hectic lifestyle and the attitude of its citizenry. Little wonder you'll get that excellent adrenalin rush when you set forth to uncover the multiple layers of adventures awaiting discovery.

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