20 Aug 2021

Best Things to do in Hampi

Long legend as one of the greatest Hindu kingdoms in southern India, Vijayanagara was fabled for its wealth and cultural splendour. Its fortunes were guided by some of the most powerful and enlightened rulers of the time. Amongst the things to do in Hampi, to unpeel the many layers of this past of its old bastion, is to walk around the massive ruins with an expert to acquaint yourself with this astonishing legacy. You will also find traces of the legends from the saga of Lord Rama here at Hampi. And if you are the adventure sport type, there are plenty of things to do, whether it's bouldering, coracle rides or treks nearby to discover Hampi's prehistory vibes.

Unveiling the past at Hampi's grand theatre

The fetish of the Vijayanagara rulers for building grand Dravidian-style temples and palaces can still be witnessed amongst the remnants of the grand theatre of Hampi's UNESCO acclaimed World Heritage Site. Hampi's glorious world came to an end when it was laid to waste in 1565 by the Deccan Muslim confederacy. Hampi today is a protected site, with a core zone of 42 sq km filled with over 1600 surviving remains. Follow your guide amongst the cluster of monuments - the most significant being the Sacred Center, Urban Core, Islamic quarters, Kamlapura and Anegundi.

The Ramayana Connection

Legends from the Ramayana are kept alive here in the most unique way. Hampi and the villages around it, it is vividly believed, comprise the Mythical Kingdom of Kishkinda mentioned in The Ramayana. Lord Rama is said to have come to Kishkinda looking for Sita, who had been kidnapped by Ravana. He was accompanied on this quest by Hanuman and his army of monkeys. Follow in the steps of a local Hampi villager to the spots linked to this compelling story. The things to do include visiting the Kodanda Rama Temple, climbing up Malyavanta Hill and the temple atop it; at Madhu Van, you will learn about what happened here when Hanuman came here. Chintamani Ghats is also linked to the tale, as are Vali Gufa and the Pampa Sarovar.

Of hikes, coracles, and mopeds

The splendour of Hampi's jaw-dropping stark landscape lies too in its stunning boulder-strewn hills, lush green valleys, a network of rivers, lakes, and canals. It's just the perfect place for adventure sports lovers. The rocks here are said to date back to almost 2.5 billion years. To discover this side of Hampi, things include rides on mopeds, hikes up the hills, and river crossings by coracle boats.

Hampi is truly awe-inspiring, and you will surely welcome any opportunity to get to know this amazing site even more closely.

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