09 Sep 2022

Best Things To Do In Agra Beyond Taj Mahal

Agra is in no dearth of experiences belonging to any genre. The city is rich with an ample amount of winsome, exhilarating, and eye-catching happenings that have been fascinating tourists since years now.

Cycle around the city brushing your hands over the historic monuments, walk past eavesdropping locals’ conversations; learn about the bygone era and a lot more!

Best of Agra; highlights and hidden gems.

This is a wonderful tour to enjoy the city at its atmospheric best, taking in glittering highlights and hidden gems that only locals know about. Admire the must-see masterpieces, discover tucked-away corners, and get all the insights! This tour will showcase not just heritage monuments but also the city's culture, cuisine, craft, and life of the local people. This journey is about hopping onto an E-Rickshaw and laying eyes on the bright colours of the bazaars, interacting with locals and taking an unforgettable ride in the city of Taj.

Artisan’s trail

The lanes of Agra are enriched with old and rustic shops that bring to life some of the most startling and breathtakingly perplexing pieces of art. Observe the effortless inlay of patterns on marble done by the masters of - Pacchikari: Stone Inlay. Moving ahead, lay eyes upon the fine motion of hands in the artisans of Zardozi embroidery that have been creating elegant patterns on fabrics since the time of royal lineage. Keeping alive the ancestry of Persian style carpets are some artisans who weave decorative carpets are a delight to watch too.

So, go on this trail and witness the magicians at work!

Flavours of Agra

The city of Taj cradles the best and some of the most peculiar tastes! Come along and hear the sizzle in the streets while the city prepares to serve you a bunch of mouth-watering snacks. From royal kitchen cuisines left by the Mughal ancestors to the present-day spicy and tangy international and oriental cuisine, Agra has a wide range of food that will suit every traveller’s appetite.

Agra at dawn

Wake up with Agra and see this mesmeric city at its best!

Ride through the city on a cycle and get to the nooks and crannies while eyeing the absolute beauty of never seen before monuments. Visit the temples, churches, masjid (all religious places), witness the morning chaos of the vegetable and the flower market and the dhobhi ghat, cycle around the colonial bungalows and other edifices. End your ride by hogging onto the popular breakfast of the city and knowing the culture by talking to locals.

Countryside tour

This experience will take you to the roots of the city - the village. We cycle around the agricultural fields, halt at the village school for you to interact, learn the know-hows of the village people, about their traditional culinary techniques and the local art.

The most attractive segment of this tour is - the charming and unique view of the Taj. You have the freedom to halt at any angle that gives you the eminent view and capture the beauty forever in your lens.

Explore Colonial face of Agra

Ornamented with colonial architecture, Agra is a whole lot more than just being the homeland of one of the seven wonders of the world. The dateless stories and the charm of the Mughal emperors is what this city is known for. But we forget recollecting the vigour of the colonial age and that is exactly what we do during this experience - we rediscover the forgotten colonial legacy.

So, come along and idolize what the colonial era left in this beguiling city of Taj.

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