10 Dec 2019

A visit of Flower market in Calcutta

Calcutta has always been known for its heavenly sweet shops, its mystic Durga Puja and the famous Howrah Bridge! But when I got to the internet, I came across another beautiful corner of this sugary city which is located right below the elegant Bridge - the flower market!

The Mullick Ghat flower market feels like an elephantine bouquet came to life! I reached right on time around 4 am when the flower vendors were just opening their bundles of fresh flowers. As they sprinkled freshwater onto the stack of flowers, the whole ambiance was beautified with the scent of graceful roses, delicate sunflowers, pleasant marigolds, and sparkly jasmines!

While I was relishing the after-rain dewy scent of the market, the crowd started pouring in and the real business began. I eavesdropped few of the conversations as it was fun and insightful to see how the locals bargained although it was difficult to take my eyes off the blooming flowers.

I bought a bundle of radiant roses, musky daisies, and some carnations before I went off for my long walk on the Bridge overlooking the adjacent bathing Ghats and wrestling matches.

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