10 Jan 2020

A toy train to Shimla

Travelling in the toy-train to Shimla was fulfilling one of my childhood desires! Rightly called the ‘Queen of Hills’, Shimla is adorned with alluring landscapes, lush green mountains and clean air that works as a refreshment pill!

I hopped onto this kaleidoscopic toy train from Kalka, ready for my journey towards Shimla. The train was petite and cosy, with wide windows that presented the scenic beauty like a motion picture. I sat restfully at the corner of my seat to relish the views.

As the train moved upwards, bidding farewell to the plains, saying hello to the rugged mountains through a narrow gauge, I could feel the hot-humid weather changing into a much cooler and pleasant one. During my journey through the tunnels, bridges, and narrow track lines, I saw the bare and pristine form of nature - exuberant pine forests, sparkling waterfalls, perfectly textured mountains, and a picturesque view which felt utopian.

On this five-and-a-half-hour train journey, the beauty I witnessed was so hypnotic that I could not let myself blink so that I do not miss even a second of it. I now know why this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the one of the most scenic journeys in India!

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