09 Nov 2020

A sneak peek into the Udaipur’s Miniature Art

Imagine a 16th-century painter paints intricate miniature art onto a tiny canvas and presents it to the King! The king then keeps it as a memoir. For him, it’s like the journal to refer, as if the figments of his life. Such was the worth of these miniature arts in past unlike today’s sole purpose of beautification. Over the generations, this art has been used to represent Royal life, depicting scenes like palaces, chariots, and elephants, synonymous with royalty. While strolling in the narrow lanes, street corners, temples, and every nook of the City Palace of Udaipur, this palpable art holds my attention! As if everything is adorned in rich and colorful artistic expression. It’s not surprising to learn that Udaipur is also the epicenter of miniature painting art. Do you wonder why Udaipur is best known for being the top honeymooner’s getaway in India? Seemingly the sense of romanticism oozing out from this miniature artwork in the entire city.

To get a hang of this art, I bumped into a place called Ashoka Arts in Udaipur after much acclaim over TripAdvisor and did a quick miniature painting session of 2 hours. My tutor Ali who pioneered this art for more than 20 years now, was brilliant enough to instill a sense for miniature art and love for painting. Pick up a sample you would like to draw and off you go!

In the end, grab a piece of art of your own! What else can be the best way to learn about Udaipur’s artistic heritage grandeur.

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