01 Mar 2021

48 hours in Madurai - Here Are Our Favorite Unmissable Experiences

If you haven’t explored Madurai yet, this is your opportunity to do so. This city has a very distinct vibe and reflects its long history in its art, cuisine and everyday life.

You will find a street for almost every occupation like bangle sellers, artists, petty shops, musicians, merchants, rice wholesalers, and also betel leaf traders. It’s an unlikely combination, but all the more interesting because of it. With a touch of urban and a touch of rural - Madurai has a little something for everyone who steps into its soil.

Here is a list of experiences that will not just acquaint you with the city, it will help you know it from the core :

Mouth-Watering Food Walks

Madurai is rooted in rich history dating as far back as the 3rd century BC. It's a region that's filled with gourmands. There are ancient recipes that are followed even now. So if you're a foodie and seek culinary adventures - this city is for you. The moment you enter this place, you should pamper yourself with some local food, and get the first whiff of this city's vibe.

You'll get to know how the Muslims had a knack for iced drinks in the challenging heat of Madurai, and get to know why Indian food is consumed with fingers. And also know the story behind the popularity of poppy seeds being used in famous South Indian sweets!

Get your taste buds ready and stomach empty, as in this food trail, you'll get your hands on the best cuisine, exclusive to Madurai. Through food, you'll understand and know about the city, its stories, people, and lifestyle.

Deeper Into The Culinary and Cultural Wonders

Madurai may be an old city but its impact will make you feel new. Why? Because you will hear some never-heard-before stories about the city in the Story Trails, which is a short walk organized to let you explore the thin line between history and myth.

The tales of controversial kings, monuments, Gods, and legendary mortals will drive a connection between you and the city. You will think about it long after this trip is over. The ghosts of mighty kingdoms and their architecture will haunt you, in a good way.

The city's name means divine nectar. It is believed that the sweet nectar gifted from Lord Shiva's hair purified and protected the city from several threats. And as you take in the endless stories, you will feel the holiness surrounding your existence as well.

A Little Bit of Art, A Little Bit of Divine

At the beginning of this trail, you will be welcomed to a stereotypical Indian village - sunburned and a little dull. But once you make your way further inside, you will come across gorgeous dolls that have already been made or are a work-in-progress.

The same craftsmanship and artistry will be noticed in the clay structures of many Gods that the village faithfully follows. How these villagers transform mud into hundreds of dolls, that stand tall with such strength and beauty, is a sight to cherish.

They mold it. They bake it. Then they whip out their paintbrushes and animate the dolls with every brushstroke. When you visit the temples belonging to the village Gods, you will see colorful terracotta horses, and see how art is not just a source of income for the villagers but also a mode to express their love, faith, and belief in God.

A lot of questions like why earthen horses are offered to Gods will be answered by the locals themselves. And that's not where it ends. The people and priests will disclose stories that aren't anything less than a historical drama, sprinkled with mythology, history, tradition, and fantasy.

Join the trail through the Potter's village and submerge yourself in the authenticity. Adding meaning to mud, the people here add life to the lifeless. And it's a visual to uphold.

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