18 Oct 2022

What To Do In Thimphu – 7 Most Incredible Experiences

Sacred valleys and mighty fortress ‘dzongs’, cliff-side monasteries and soaring Himalayan peaks, dense forests of rhododendron and archer monks, Thimphu is all of this, and more so, be prepared to be astounded by the mysteries of this astonishing capital city.

Jungshi Handmade Paper Factory

Walking through the antiquated techniques of papermaking at the Jungshi Handmade Paper Factory is one of the finest ways of getting to peek into the olden and traditional hubs of Bhutan. To watch dekap trees being turned into Deh-sho paper is extremely captivating, to then rub the freshly made paper sheet amidst one’s finger and taking it home as a souvenir is amazing.

Spend your day at Simply Bhutan

For the ones who wander seeking a place where all the cultural charms of Bhutan shine the brightest and come to life, visiting Simply Bhutan is a blessing! Sipping down a shot of local arra (rice spirit) before beginning a guided tour of fictitious villages adds to the whole experience. The museum allows visitors to dress in traditional attires, enjoy archery and step into the Bhutanese village life fleetingly.

Go on a tour of The Textile Museum

Embellished with the glorious heritage of textile tradition, the Textile Museum honors the marvelous art of weaving. Home to royal weaves known as Ghos and Kira, traditional looms, raw fabric, and other jewels of the textile legacy of Bhutan, this museum is a joyous ride for art and craft fanatics.

Stroll at Centenary Farmers Market

An eclectic mix of bohemian and suburban mood of Bhutan, the Centenary Farmers Market exhibits all variety of views, scents, and noises. Strolling through the market, halting at shops, buying organically grown goods, and interacting with local farmers is an engrossing way of spending a day.

Take blessings at Zangto Pelri Lhakhang

Built by Dasho Aku Tongmi, Zangto Pelri Lhakhang is a private chapel that cradles spiritual vigor, calmness, and purity, mirroring the realm of Bhutan. Nestled in thick greens, under the velvety sapphire sky and icy winds, the sight of this chapel is soul-stirring, especially when it glows in the night.

Visit National Institute of Zorig Chusum

To eye the faultless craftsmanship and diligence of creating phenomenal art embodied in the young minds of Bhutan, stepping foot into the National Institute of Zorig Chusum is all one has to do! Witnessing magic being made - thangka paintings, intricate embroidery work, statue-making and wood carvings, and bringing some for oneself feels great. The institute fosters each art with the utmost dedication and upholds the value Bhutan has for artists.   

Authentic Bhutanese Cooking

Countering the chilly environment of the realm is the spicy hot cuisine Thimphu is much famous for. Stepping into the outdoor kitchen of a local host and diving into the traditional Bhutanese cuisine is a flavorful ride. Learning about their culinary art, their ways of using red rice to the way they employ richly fragrant spices, knowing their ancestral recipes and a lot more that helps them in cooking the most finger-licking and flavorful cuisines of all times helps one in cooking a delicious meal back home.

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