25 Nov 2020

They say Bhutan is the Happiest Place on Earth

What if I tell you to travel to a destination and get inspired to live a happier life thereafter! It’s a bitsy country Bhutan, sandwiched between two giant nations; India & China, that I truly believe is the land of happiness. Hidden in the Himalayas and tucked away from the rest of the world, this beautiful Himalayan Kingdom is culturally and spiritually intact while economically growing gradually and sustainably.

While you traverse this land, encounters with smile bearing faces are no coincidences. As if they smile from the depth of their soul. They ought to be happy because the conditions for happiness are at their disposal for simple reasons; free healthcare, free education, clean air to breathe and enlightened leaders to lead this country. Happiness truly matters for this country and definitely contagious to make you contented while you tour it. You may end up saying that Bhutan is your favourite of all the countries you travelled to. I am not sure what data reveals but they value GNH (Gross National Happiness) over the GDP. A developing philosophy that acknowledges that the economical growth is important unless it’s environmentally sustainable.

Apparently in Buddhism culture, when you go hiking, you wash away your sins; good for the health, good for the body and good for the soul. You see the philosophy anecdotes itself renders to a happier way of life here. They avoid blindly chasing the financial gains and believe in harmonious strategy between business and nature; unwillingness to compromise and allow them to flourish together.

My curious mind occasionally intervened these bunch of happy Bhutanese people for their simple reason to be the happiest country in the world. Majority of them harmoniously uttered that it’s the blessing of their enlightened leader making this country the happiest. Whatever you see here in Bhutan is the testimony to their leadership. The food you munch here is apparently the food for all. Cheese with Chilly approach fits for all. By the way, they have the best broccolis in the world. Safe for all; for all the solo travellers out there especially the woman travellers, this is the safest of all the countries. These humble people simply believe in peace. Don’t be astonished to see roads without signs and traffic signals. They are carbon Negative or at least carbon neutral, proudly generating three times the oxygen they consume.

A country where togetherness rules over individuality, outstanding life philosophy governs individuals and strong single Buddhist religion discarding religious diversity, makes it deemed fit for the happiest country to explore.

Loading lesson I took away! Keep a little bit of Bhutan in your heart when you leave this country.

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