25 Jul 2022

Our Favorite Boutique and Luxury Stays in Thimphu, Bhutan

Sacred valleys and mighty fortress ‘dzongs’, cliffside monasteries and soaring Himalayan peaks, dense forests of rhododendron and archer monks, Thimphu in Bhutan is all of this, and more so be prepared to be astounded by the mysteries of this astonishing capital city.

Decorated with charismatic paintings, sublime colors that gleam gloriously in Thimphu’s landscape and a vibe of pure mystique, the properties here are lovely and make the stay more enjoyable in every aspect.

Terma Linca Resort & Spa

Terma Linca Resort and Spa is located at an idyllic distance from all the tourist attractions. Staying here brings one in close proximity with the tiny kingdom’s spectacular monasteries, centuries-old street festivals, scenic mountain passes, authentic traditional Bhutanese houses and pristine wilderness.

Norkhil Boutique

Located in the core of Thimphu city, Norkhil Boutique Hotel & Spa is an oasis of calm offering peace and tranquility; amidst the busy growing city of Thimphu. Norkhil espouses an approach of overall well-being of the guests, achieved through a combination of holistic treatments, energizing organic cuisine, and the aura of an exceptionally beautiful natural environment.

Druk Hotel Thimphu

Hotel Druk, nestled in the heart of Thimphu, is in the center of the city's vibrant business, leisure and government landmarks. This distinctive four-star deluxe hotel is a relaxed and elegant haven. The property honors the enchanting landscape of Bhutan and provides all, traditional and novel experiences and amenities to guests.

DusitD2 Yarkay

Designed to reflect the rich cultural heritage of Bhutan’s captivating capital, dusitD2 Yarkay Thimphu welcomes guests with smart style and local charm. The lobby is adorned with local artworks, design features reference a beloved national folktale and facilities include a spa, a fully equipped gym and international restaurant.

Osel Thimphu

Situated within the heart of the Thimphu valley but just off the main road, Osel is a 35 room 4-star property. Blessed with breathtaking views of the valley including that of the Tashichho Dzong as well as the seated Buddha, the property is a must-stay.

The Postcard dewa

On the outskirts of Bhutan’s capital city, you’ll find The Postcard Dewa. Nestled in a forest, this Bhutanese mountain hideout is just close enough to take in the city of Thimphu, but far enough from the bustle. With no more than 15 luxurious rooms, the hotel is the perfect place to wind down in the lap of nature and enjoy pristine views of the Khasadrapchu valley and Wang Chhu River.

Six senses

Six Senses Bhutan resort will move you – to pause and think. This property is the best way to discover the heritage and hospitality of the colorful Himalayan Kingdom and to unwind from all stress by letting nature caress you. Every element here is a reminder of the purity embodied in Mother Nature, which helps in making your soul feel good.


Set in the upper reaches of the Motithang area, the 16-Suite Lodge of Amankora Thimphu is built in the style of a traditional dzong fortress. Within reach of the capital’s shops and sights, the lodge remains a secluded retreat from which to explore both all the city has to offer and the wild Himalayan landscape. From spa facilities to hiking and cycling, the lodge provides arguably the best ways to explore the incredible landscape.

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