27 Jun 2022

Handpicked Experiential Stays in Punakha

A city where sunshine twirls gorgeously through the valley, over the canyons and adds glimmering shimmer to glacial waterfalls, Punakha is heart-pleasing and soul-stirring in every aspect.

The properties of Punakha complement its surreal and sublime environment. Designed with intricate carvings that honor the architecture of Bhutan, painted in somber colors that gleam in the natural setting and interiors that are truly eye-catching, each stay in Punakha is bliss.

Himalayan Dragon's Nest Hotel

Situated on the banks of Punakha River, is the stunning Himalayan Dragon's Nest Hotel, Punakha, an abode for rejuvenation. From the breathtaking view of the valley to the calm, lush environment, this property blends with the gems of nature to present you unparalleled peace and serenity. Nothing beats the heavenly experience of gazing at the distant Himalayan Mountain ranges and the rushing river, as you sip on apple tea.

Hotel Lobesa

A relatively new hotel, Hotel Lobesa offers nice and comfortable accommodations for travelers who are exploring the wonders of Punakha. The rooms are spacious, reminiscent of the unique charm of boutique hotels. Most rooms have balconies overlooking the lush and verdant fields and valleys of the region. Staying here feels safe, cozy and close to the Bhutanese culture.

Dhensa Boutique Resorts

Dhensa Boutique Resorts sits in the heart of the verdant and lush Punakha Valley. Flanked by thick pine forests, it overlooks the Punakha river and hundreds of paddy fields that stair-step down to the valley floor. It is surrounded by plentiful walking and trekking trails. What makes this property unique and a must is - It is entirely the handiwork of local Bhutanese artisans!

RKPO Green Resort

RKPO Green Resort, a family-friendly small hotel that brings the best of Punakha to your doorstep. From its gorgeous outdoors to the charming interiors, this hotel is a heart-throb. Surrounded by the most succulent restaurants and the top tourist attractions, this property is smartly located.

Como Uma Punakha

Positioned on a river bend in the Punakha Valley - one of Bhutan's key destinations - COMO Uma Punakha delivers soul-stirring views from its eight light-filled rooms. Embellished with stunningly decorated villas that exhibit picturesque views and comfort of spa treatments, this stay makes it difficult for you to return home.

Zhingkham Resort

With one of the most beautiful breathtaking scenic views of the Punakha valley, the resort is located on a mountain high above the valley. Wellbeing at the resort is enhanced at the Keith-nyam Spa which offers a variety of holistic services to rejuvenate health, beauty, and relaxation. With relaxation and a deep sense of hospitality at its core, Zhingkham Resort with its tranquil spaces and heavenly location is the ideal place for a holiday in Punakha.

Six Senses Punakha

The property is defined as ‘Flying farmhouse amidst the rice fields’ which paints a picture of how the surroundings will look! This beautiful lodge has a rustic feel and is blessed with a warmer climate. You’ll find a choice of suites and villas, pool, library, yoga and meditation huts, in all, you will find everything you need and more here!

Dhumra Farm Resort

Dhumra Farm Resort is a pioneering 3-star farm resort focusing on high-end agro-tourism. Their philosophy is not to have busloads of visitors. Dhumra Farm Resort is for exclusive visitors who want peace, a bit of rustic feeling coupled with a good standard of health and safety. Unique, real and true to their beliefs, staying in this property is a whole new experience.

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