31 Aug 2021

Five fun and interesting things to do with your family in Bhutan

Unravelling secrets, delving deep into the mysterious, discovering new worlds with new customs— Yes, Bhutan ticks all these boxes for intrepid families who love to head out for discoveries and new world's to make their own. For years this tiny Himalayan kingdom consciously stayed away from the tourist traffic of the world, which was inevitably headed towards Asia. Little wonder its eco-friendly policies set in place years ahead of other countries only swelled the ranks of alluring destinations to chase after.

White Water Run

Even the most cautious family member will be lured by the delights of going white water rafting in Bhutan. The more tame Mo Chu and Pho Chu rivers in the Punakha district have two hot favourites. Mo Chhu offers rapids of Grades 1 – 2+ while the more challenging Pho Chhu River has rapids from Grade 2 – 3+. Punakha Dzong at the confluence of the rivers is great for selfies. Keep your eyes peeled for the famous suspension bridge— the largest in Bhutan.

Treks and Drives

Bhutan is one of the 10 top bio-diverse hot spots globally and famed as a rich repository of Himalayan wilderness exotica. Setting off on its legendary trekking trails to discover the country's rich biotic resources, with the bonus of the culture and communities along the way, offers one of the unique experiences of outdoor Bhutan. The Taktsang trek to the Tigers Nest monastery, the hike to the Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten, the drive along the Gasa Hot Spring trail are the scenic drives to Trongsa Dzong and Bumthang—all are genuinely memorable options.

Set your sights on archery

Long respected as one of the most critical martial traditions in the kingdom back in the day, in 1971, archery was given the status of the national sport. There's even an official team that participates in world Olympic events. When you get to Thimphu, head for the Changlimithang Archery Ground. You will love the hustle and bustle of the crowds as the locals cheer on their favourites (and jeer good-naturedly at the opposition) in the ongoing completion. You will have loads of fun as members of your party later try their hand at it amidst shrieks of laughter and good-natured ribbing. The ladies in the family might even throw caution to the winds and end up giving the boys a run for their money!!!!

Beery Nice

Ready yourself for some fun times at the Namgay Artisanal Brewery, Bhutan's very first such set-up; it's unique for the excellent range of craft beers in its in-house bar aptly named "TAP". Perched atop a ridge, it offers grandstand views of the Paro Dzong. If you want to go local, try your hand at learning to make ara, the local brew, from farmer Ap Passang, on the different processes (fermented or distilled) of ara-making.

When the 'Land of the Thunder Dragon'- opens the doors of discovery inch by inch— don't hesitate. Shift that date of your next visit up on your holiday calendar.

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