17 Aug 2022

Best Boutique and Luxury Stays in Paro, Bhutan

The properties of Paro mirror the serenity and calm that blanket the realm. Each stay here tries to reconnect the body with its soul and unwind it from societal stress and provides ways of rejuvenation by encompassing the guest in nature’s arms.

Taktsang View Resort and Spa

Taktsang View Resort and Spa is one of the picturesque hotels with the best location, good views, and a free and open space. With the background of Tiger’s Nest Monastery, it is a small 8-luxury rooms boutique hotel spread over an acre of land with organic vegetables and fruits. The in-house hot stone bath is where the real tranquillity lies!

Metta Resort & Spa

Situated among the Bhutanese local communities together with the farmhouse and villages, Metta Resort & Spa is a cozy adobe for staying in Paro. The restaurant here is the most talked about, thanks to its hearty variety of both Indian and Chinese cuisines. The property is comfortable and welcoming, unlike any place you must’ve visited.

Zhiwa Ling Heritage Hotel

Zhiwa Ling hotel combines the sensibilities of a fine Bhutanese guesthouse with the best of 21st-century technology. Envisioned and created by a local Bhutanese company, the hotel’s elaborate hand-carved wooden cornices and masterful stonework coexist beautifully with cutting-edge telecommunication systems and Swedish under-floor heating.

Six Senses Paro

Located within the amazing Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan known for its rich diversity of flora and fauna along with omnipresent spirituality and colorful culture, the property of Six Senses Paro honors the elegance and mysticity of Bhutan. Nestled in the most beautiful part of the valley, it gives pure bliss to its guests.

Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary

Imagine a place of tranquility and beauty. A place where you connect to yourself and all that surrounds you; body, mind, and spirit. This is the newly opened Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary, located high in the beautiful valley in Paro. What makes it really special is that it is the only well-being inclusive property in Bhutan, which means all services are included in the room rates. If this isn’t how luxury is to be felt, then how?

Como Uma Paro

COMO Uma Paro offers luxury in the heart of Bhutan in a refined way that escalates the divinity of one’s surroundings. Embellished with the sweeping views of the pristine Himalayas and a design that is a subtle fusion of indigenous style, and a fresh, clean-lined modernism, COMO Uma Paro invites guests to have the time of their lives.

Amankora Paro Lodge

Hidden in thick pine along with the 24-suites, with walls clad in wood and black steel paneling, contrast rustic elements with contemporary design, the Amankora Paro Lodge cradles peace and gifts serenity to each guest. Roaming around the property in itself is the finest way to experience Bhutan.

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