15 Feb 2020

A temple blessing in Bhutan

I still have an instant smile on my face by the slightest remembrance of this day I spent with a monkin Bhutan. We drove through the dreamy realm, from Thimphu to Dochula Pass witnessing the utopianbeauty of theHimalayas and walking through the fluttering prayer flags while he poured some wordsof wisdom for me.

He took me toDruk Wangyel Temple to further connect me withthe Head Lama. I was guided into acosy little room inside the temple where he prayed andrested. The doors opened and I came acrossthe most beguiling site my eyes have ever seen-the room was covered with devotionalembellishments like the prayer beads, books, holy offerings, and photographs of sacred places. I washonoured and felt immensely grateful to have gotten this opportunity to interact with him and feelthe angelic charm he had to offer.

Our conversations flowed from his life experiences to the teachings of Buddha. I was mesmerized toknow how all human deeds and thoughts make wayfor the upcoming life and how intricately ourpresent is intertwined with our past and future. I could really feel something changing within me whileI was all ears to his spellbinding words.

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